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Purcell composed King Arthur in 1692, during the reign of William III, the protestant regent of the Dutch provinces. As a consequence of his marriage to Mary Stuart,  he had been invited to assume the throne of England in 1688. The libretto is a working out of the well-loved King Arthur story, one of ancient Britain’s core legends covering the transition from paganism to Christianity.

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A Musical journey to England at the time of the Dutch Golden Age.





The Purcell Gala 2010 guides you through 17th-century London; concise texts link together a wide range of music. Purcell’s unequalled diversity is overwhelming: theater music, dance music, and bawdy drinking songs side by side with magnificent odes; comic fanfares next to ingenious chaconnes....


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The story of the hero Aeneas who, after fleeing burning Troy, is shipwrecked and received by Dido, founder and queen of Carthage, whom he leaves after a short but passionate love affair;
Dido is left behind, a broken woman. She chooses to die. Dido’s famous lament and a beautiful choir of cupids after her death terminate Purcell’s magical opera. But this isn’t the end of Dido and Aeneas’ tale in Virgil…





Between 2003 en 2009, Frédérique Chauvet, in cooperation with stage director David Prins staged three Dramatic Operas by Purcell: Fairy Queen, A Tempest and King Arthur