A Musical journey to England at the time of the Dutch Golden Age.DSC 5824b

In our successful Purcell Gala 1 in the Concertgebouw in 2009, we emphasized the “young” Purcell. We guided the audience through 17th-century London, from the chapel to the theater by way of the pub and the boarding school where Dido was performed. Now we present the “mature” Purcell: on the one hand the highly respected court musician , on the other hand the inspired composer for the theatre.
In 1689, William of Orange who was married to Mary Stuart, became King of England and she became Queen. Purcell turned 30 in that year. His unique music with its marvelous and unexpected harmonic turns is becoming more and more brilliant and virtuosic. Up to his death in 1695, Purcell composed a wealth of fabulous music for the royal couple, celebrating both personal and public ends.



A BarokOpera Amsterdam production

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