2012012922112580This Gluck opera is justifiably termed a “musical comedy”, the first of its kind! Nothing in it is serious, not Colette’s sad destiny, not Mathurin’s redemption, not even the devil himself! With its unpredictable turns of event, flashy effects, and dramatic moments which follow one another at a diabolical pace, this piece is part of the grand Medieval tradition of farcical comedies, yet, on the other hand, modern through and through as a direct predecessor of our musicals and contemporary entertainment.

offmas-006The ‘opéras-comiques’ Les Noces de Jeannette and Une Demoiselle en Loterie were composed around 1856, in a time when there was a rather substantial interest for this particular type of entertainment.


20111110025740209An impromptu roman

Julie and Valsain, both young, wish to marry, but Julie’s godmother Aurore, an old spinster fond of burying herself in love stories, forbids her niece to do so. The two young lovers, assisted by the servants, concoct a series of adventures to convince Aunt Aurore that she should change her mind..