dirigente2The central figure in the repertoire performed by Frédérique Chauvet is the magnificent composer for both the courts and theater Henry Purcell, of whose oeuvre nearly everything has been performed by her ensemble over the years.

And of course, not surprisingly, his French colleagues from the same era and of a similar style are well-represented in her list of favourites, as well as his “successor” in England, G.F. Handel.

Beyond that, Chauvet has built up a tradition of sparkling performances of oft-forgotten French Opéra-comique jewels, from Gluck to Offenbach.

Her smaller-scaled music theater productions of works of Mozart have garnered much attention as well.

Beside her opera and concert direction, she also regularly and gladly plays her “own” instrument, the historic traverse flute from various periods in history, and in a number of ensembles.